Why Financial Literacy Is A Win-win For Australia

In its just-published 'National Financial Literacy Technique', ASIC lays out an in-depth plan of action encompassing school curriculum, complimentary details services, guidance programs, market collaborations and ongoing research study.

ASIC specifies monetary literacy as "a combination of monetary understanding, skills, mindsets and behaviours necessary to make sound financial decisions, based upon personal circumstances, to enhance financial health and wellbeing".

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Why Financial Literacy Is A Win-win For Australia

I completely support the effort to raise the level of Australians' financial literacy. As a financial adviser I get to see first-hand the, often large, holes in monetary knowledge in the Australian neighborhood.

Cynics may argue that the financial literacy space really suits the advisory market. From my perspective, the much better the grounding our clients have in monetary ideas, the more efficient and efficient the advisory relationship.

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Petcal Bookkeeping – Get More Efficiency And Reduced Costs With Outsourced Bookkeepers.

The key to the success of any business lies in the effective delegation of responsibilities for the right set of people at work can be accomplished as efficiently as possible. Specialization is the key word in organization.Go to Accountants Calgary on google.ca to find us

When you exercise all your focus on a particular area, it brings out the best execution of the tasks.

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Pros And Cons Of Binary Options Trading

There are also a lot of auto-trading systems available for binary options, with one of the latest being Swarm Intelligence software. Take a look at the video for more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxhqzftHmno

Binary options are extremely simple to trade. No underlying assets are bought or traded when you trade a binary option. It is extremely easy to execute and there are a number of binary options brokers available in the market.

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All about Crowd Funding

According to Kickstarter, Compare that to the 73 percent of the successful campaigns that raised $10,000 or less. If you are looking to raise more than $10,000, rewards-based crowdfunding will be a long shot, with very few exceptions. Sourced from: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/234516

You need to give people a good reason why they should trust you with their money.

An amateur-looking video isn’t going to convince anyone to get involved, and at worst, could damage your campaign’s credibility. Sourced from: http://ignitiondeck.com/id/10-crowdfunding-secrets/

"This entire industry is being disrupted with the introduction of crowdfunding of donations," said Anisa Mirza, CEO and co-founder of charity crowdfunding platform Giveffect. Sourced from: http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/7506-crowdfunding-trends-tips.html

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The Making of a Financial Scam

Sourced from: http://www.barclays.co.uk/Helpsupport/FinancialScams/P1242561788639

Identity theft is one of the tricks that financial scammers use. The effects of this trick are really damaging. When somebody takes on your name and social security number it doesn’t end as it does in the movie. The implications are much worse. Hurt Your Job Prospects

Many employers now routinely look at credit history when assessing job candidates.

Sourced from: http://blog.credit.com/2014/06/surprising-ways-identity-theft-can-hurt-you-85080/

Sourced from: http://www.businessinsider.com.au/these-are-the-top-5-financial-scams-in-australia-right-now-2015-7

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